Click! Design that Fits January Artist Shelli Markee

Artist name:
Shelli Markee

Shelli Markee was born into a family of artisans in rural Minnesota. Her career as an artist was almost predetermined by nature, and ensured by a nurturing environment. Her family both inspired and encouraged her artistic predilections, and after their move to Houston, Shelli began her studies at the Glassell School of the Arts. Since her teen years, Shelli has made a career in fashion and the arts—as a model, make-up artist, garden designer, photographer, sculptor and now, silversmith.

Click! will be featuring Shelli’s installation of forty-five handcrafted wire birds. All the birds are individually created in Shelli’s Seattle studio and are available for sale, with discounts for flocks of three or more birds.


Click! is also having a January sale featuring major discounts on Thomas Paul wool rugs; handbags from Orla Kiely, Queen Bee, and Highway; Fatboy chairs; Smersh jewelry; and more!

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