West Seattle Wine Cellars January Artist Carla G

West Seattle Cellars January Artist, Carla G
Plus tasty wines at super prices

Carla G was born and raised in Neu Ulm, Germany. Highlights of Carla’s travels include hightailing with a circus for six months, living in South Africa, attending grade school in Florence, Italy, and painting henna art on literally all parts of the human body. After graduating in 1989, Carla was prepared to move to New York to attend New York City University’s master of fine arts program but joined a punk rock band and moved to Seattle instead. In 1993 Carla returned to painting, exhibiting, and selling work. Her art is in private collections word wide. For more information about Carla and her art, visit http://www.artcarla.com.

And while you’re enjoying Carla’s art this Thursday, you can sample some excellent, value-priced wines from A & B Imports. Our regular Thursday wine tasting this week features some of our favorite wines from around the world, many for under $10. Feeling a bit cash-strapped after the holidays? No worries! Your wine dollar can take you farther than you think!

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