Keller Williams March Artists PJ Andrews and Krissy Maier

Theme: “Retro”
We are very proud to present artist PJ Andrews and jewelry designer Krissy Maier for the month of March.

PJ Andrews

PJ Andrews was born in Boston and currently splits his time between Seattle and Los Angeles. PJ is self taught in the folk art tradition, where his sensibilities blend the world of contemporary pop and folk art with exuberance and flair. Though simple to the point of elegant, PJ’s “diamond dust” efforts offer a new dimension never before realized within animation art. As he believes characters such as Bugs and Daffy to be larger than life, PJ accents his rendition of these characters with glitter like no one has ever done before. Unprecedented as PJ’s artwork is, the result is nothing less than stunning. While the characters used to explore his technique are often large profiles, his employment of glitter creates an atmosphere in which they seem nearly three dimensional.

Krissy Maier
Jewelry Artist

Inspired by the beauty of all things vintage and passionate about living a fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable life; Krissy realized that by using discarded vintage jewelry components and beads she could create new fashionable pieces. Her career as a jewelry designer began when she discovered that other people appreciated her creations and wanted to wear them. In 2007, looking to make Orange Box jewelry holistically sustainable, Krissy began a line of jewelry using fairly traded sterling silver clasps and ear wires from a small cooperative in Bali, Indonesia.

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