Twilight March Show Full Slice of Pie

About the Show:
Women’s bodies have evolved in such a short period of time:

Natural 70’s tits vs. Implants
Full bushes vs the Barbie pussy
Size 12 vs Size 0
Unique, tan-lined imperfections vs cookie cutter air brushing
Raw and supple vs botox and knee lifts

What cultural, biological, political and economical factors influence
women’s choices around their bodies?
Is the confidence a woman carries in her naturalness empowering or has
the evolution of the female body from natural to unnatural, made
rawness an exotic rarity?
This exhibit will explore the ideas within society that have caused
women of the 2000’s to evolve they way they have – from the perceived
“raw naturalness” of the 70’s female body toward a constant need to
upgrade and homogenize.
Artists Include:
Tracy Cilona, Crystal Fosnaugh, Marilyn Artus, Kook Teflon, Janine Pierce, Julia Landon, Fox Anthony Spears, Hillary Gore, Mollie Mattsen, Noa Piper, Marty Gordon

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