West Seattle Wine Cellars March Artist Jesse Schwartz

West Seattle Cellar March Artist: Jesse Schwartz
Plus Italian Wines

Jesse Schwartz was born in rural Washington State. He attended the Art Institute of Boston where he double majored in illustration and fine arts, with an emphasis in painting. He also attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Nowadays, Jesse’s medium of choice is oil, and he works in a variety of styles, including still life, and landscapes. He says, “The landscape provides endless inspiration, whether it’s a sunrise over a lake, or an abandoned building. Some people are blind to the world around them, and some can not stop from seeing.” Come and see what Jesse sees, and portrays in his art.

Jesse will join us on Art Walk night, Thursday, March 10. As always, we will also be having our weekly free wine tasting that night, from 5:30 to 9:00. We will be pouring Italian wines, from the VEDI portfolio, and from Vignalta, who produce great wines, as well as an extremely popular herbed salt. Art and wine: always a winning combination!

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