Emerald Spiral April Artist Julie Danielson

Julie Danielson presents “Blossoms in Bloom” and “Paths…Where The Journey Begins.” Two different collections of “Nature” photography will be displayed. Julie loves nature and all of its beauty. While growing up in Northern Idaho she was surrounded everyday with the natural beauty of the region; lakes, mountains, and foliage. Living in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years she is surrounded again with nature’s beauty and is in awe of it everyday. She truly enjoys the seasonal changes and her appreciation for this is shown in her work. Julie has a natural eye for composition and relies on her intuition to help capture each shot. “What I enjoy most is taking spontaneous photo shots as I take my walks.” Drop by The Emerald Spiral Coop to enjoy Julie Danielson’s spring photo collections. Explore a unique variety of art and crystals. Check out our class offerings and have a cup of tea. Happy Spring!

One thought on “Emerald Spiral April Artist Julie Danielson

  1. Julie's nature photographs are uniquely simple and cheerful. She has an eye for capturing the shot beautifully.
    The two photograph collections were very uplifting at Emerald Spiral last month. She is quite talented and I see her continuing to grow with her artistic touch.


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