West Seattle Wine Cellars May Artist James Ghormley

West Seattle Cellars May Artist: James Ghormley

I am from Seattle. I was born in 1971, and began painting in high school. At Cornish College of the Arts I learned printmaking and have been making prints ever since. Early on, I made woodblock prints, but began experimenting making small prints out of erasers and a rubber-like material called Safety-Cut. I appreciate the simplicity and speed with which I can create images. The imagery in the prints comes from drawings from life, photographs, and advertisements, with inspiration from artists such as Heckel, Beckmann, Munakata, Maillol, Matsubara, Hiratsuka, Bonnard, and Edenshaw. The prints are after a sense of liveliness and mystery in the shadows and unexpected patterns. I enjoy the interplay of light and dark.

On Art Walk night this month our weekly Thursday night tasting will feature wines from South America. While you enjoy James’ prints, sample some tasty wines from Chile and Argentina with Louise Bostwick, of Winebow. Cheers!

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