bin 41 May Artist Donn Longie

bin 41 is pleases to share some cool, new artwork adorning the walls from local Seattlelite Donn Longie. Donn is Ballard born and raised. He is an original Pioneer Square Artist for their “First Thursdays” Art Walk and shows his works throughout the city and in Chile where he resides for part of the year. This month, he is displaying paintings from his “Reflections of Wining” works. “Reflections of Wining” is a series of expressionistic works painted with hard line and big color to communicate the passions of wine and palette. What would a “Reflections of Wining” exhibit be without a little wine tasting? We’ll be pouring a mixed medley of wines from Spain, Italy and France for a colorful array to match the energy in Donn’s art! Stop by to view the art and sample some vino anytime between 6-9 pm on Thursday!

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