Keller Williams June Artists Ruth Moen and Michelle Lanae

Ruth Moen

Ruth Moen brings to her acrylic folk art the influences of her extensive world travels, passion for innovation and delight in things untamed. Using stripes, splashes, swirls and flourishes of luscious hues, she transforms otherwise simple chairs, bowls and plates so that they appear to have just floated in from an enchanted wonderland. Ruth takes wonderful photos during her travels and transforms them into three dimensional wall sculptures. The photo gets lost in that thin line between reality and fantasies, giving each piece an almost ethereal quality.

Ruth Moen



Metal smith, Jeweler, Designer

Michelle Lenae’s jewelry is designed and handmade solely by her and created from the finest materials. She does not use any dyed or synthetic gems. Everything is created for lasting integrity with love and passion for the creative process. The power of gemstones: the history, healing properties and lore of gemstones are fascinating. Gemstones have long been thought to have medicinal properties. Chinese, Asian and the ancient Ayurvedic medicine still involves therapies of healing with gemstones. She has included interesting stories and metaphysical properties of the gemstones used in her work. Her collection will be on view for February’s Art Walk.

Michelle Lenae


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