West Seattle Wine Cellars June Artist Sara Osebold

West Seattle Cellars June Artist: Sara Osebold

The backyard woods and heavy snowy winters I grew up around strongly inform the work I make. Spending the days out in the elements collecting rocks, building strange forts, mucking up my clothes all contribute to an invigorated spirit and a love of textures/sound. My work focuses primarily on sculpture and installation-based environments, often using aspects of performance and recorded sound. I incorporate into projects particular non-conventional materials/ingredients: wool felt, chocolate, tarp, seaweed, fake fur, stray scarves and gloves, plant samples. This allows me to have a varied tactile experience that provides a less self-conscious approach and a highly experimental process—all of which feed into the work. I reference landscape and Nature through conceptual and surreal means keeping at the forefront a sense of mystery, imagination, exploration and play.

Sara’s artwork on display at West Seattle Cellars this month is all made using chocolate. Pretty amazing. For those who like to pair their chocolate with wine, you can partake of our regular, free Thursday wine tasting which this week features German wines, with importer Ewald Moseler. While you can’t eat the art, you CAN taste through a fine selection of German wines.

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