Shanti Salon and Spa July Artist Ang Wrobel

Ang Wrobel is a self taught mixed media artist, a recent transplant from the Southwest. She has hosted in her life a variety of media; a variety of voice, and has now settled into mixed media fine art in the abstract and contemporary genres.

Her emphasis in variety and rhythm make her work attention grabbing– you either connect or disconnect and that is the beauty of art, see it and then decide. The juxtaposition and tension between the colors I use are varying and tend to be complimentary or otherwise vibrant and moving, I like to keep my viewer’s eyes dancing around the space while simultaneously pulling multiple thoughts and memories from their reactions. While already fond of stretching her own canvas, she also works on found objects or recycled art.

Currently her work can be viewed through – her 2010 series Silver & Gold will be showing this summer in Seattle.These works stem from areas where we lose ourselves. This is what happened when I got lost, if I did it correctly you feel the joy from just the experience of seeing into the silence of my mind – though chaos and constant and shifting and wondering and evolving and loving, it all is relevant.
This is an important debut for me, it is a young and reckless time I live in, and I will be silenced if I don’t pull from my environment – this is what I see in the Emerald City, there is such flavor and such hope, it’s a different time in my life.”

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