Sleepers in Seattle July Show

Sleepers In Seattle is proud to show four local artists exploring the theme of Summer: Susan Otto, Gail Fligstein, Meryl Alcabes and Kooki Davis.

Warm sun, cool breezes and classic cars are the essence of summers gone by. West Seattle Artist Susan Otto will be showing photographs of vintage cars and trucks. Susan’s work is inspired by the smooth lines and bright colors of the automobiles, while capturing the spirit of youthful summer.

Sleepers in Seattle will also feature works by fiber artist and Seattle native Gail Fligstein. Her works are based on her own original designs, and they are meant to evoke positive feelings such as joy, appreciation of beauty, and grace. She dyes and then embellishes fabrics with paint, stamps, silk screening, and photo transfer. Gail is interested in texture, both two dimensional and three, and perspective.

Meryl Alcabes is a Seattle-based photographer specializing in colorful portrait and event photography. She has explored the theme of “summer” with a variety of subjects and lenses.

Fiber artist Kooki Davis creates one of a kind coats and jackets using authentic fabrics from various regions of Africa. “Art to me means transforming: I consider myself a multi-medium artist, from wearable art to whimsical collectables,I love mixing various elements such as beads, threads, yarns and found objects to create mermaids and character dolls. I like the idea of wearable art and art pieces being able to tell a story.”

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