West Seattle Wine Cellars July Artist Tatyana Brown

West Seattle Cellars July Artist: Tatyana Brown

Tatyana Brown lives in Seattle now, but she was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she became interested in art from a very early age. After an extensive education at the Russian and Hermitage Museums, she went on to earn a masters degree in architecture from the University of Architecture and Engineering in St. Petersburg, after which she worked in the interior design field. She has taught art at the St. Petersburg College of Restoration, and has participated in numerous art shows and competitions. Tatyana has experimented in many media, including watercolor, pastel, and encaustics, but developed her own unique style while working in engraving and lithography. She creates her artwork right here in her West Seattle studio. Tatyana’s art on display this month ranges from scenes of nature, to Russian architecture, to playful vignettes of Seattle life.

While you enjoy Tatyana’s artwork this Thursday, you can sample wines from one of California’s original Rhone Rangers: Bonny Doon Vineyard. Our free Thursday evening wine tasting on this month’s Art Walk night will feature the Rhone-inspired wines from this iconic winery. Barbara Smith, from Bonny Doon, will join us in the shop to pour and talk about the wines. Come for the art; stay for the wines. Or vice versa!

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