Windermere Fauntleroy July Artist Brant Abinosa

I was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania and now currently from the Seattle area. At a very young age, I had an intense passion to draw. I was happiest when I was drawing and my dream was to be an artist. However, while in high school, I was discouraged by those in authority, telling me that artists don’t make it in life, I’d have to choose another profession. Sadly, I did not pursue formal art training and drawing ceased to be a part in my life as I pursued other interests.

But my love of art has resurfaced-and I feel as though I’ve been re-born.

My love for painting is a recent one, although it was love at first sight. Roughly, I’ve been painting for about 6 months. I consider my work to be contemporary pop art style portraiture leaning towards photorealism. Painting as a whole appeals to me and I can assure you that portraiture will not be my final destination. I find beauty in all forms of art and look forward to the opportunity to learn as many as I can. For the most part everything thus far has been self taught by learning on the job so it’ll be interesting to see what school will do for me.

Brant Abinosa

We will have live music performed by the Five Buck Band, Wine, and apps.

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