Windermere Real Estate July Artist Sharon Birzer Presented by Kim Tingley

Kim Tingley is proud to present local West Seattle resident Sharon Birzer at

Sharon Birzer art statement:

My work is inspired by observations made in the diverse ecosystems of the Puget Sound and Eastern Wash ington. I have an interest and love of detail, and am fascinated by biology of all types including bones, animals and plants. Images of things culled from my life are often drawn or painted directly from the object. Alluding to dissection and transparency, some paintings depict figures and their internal systems

Many of my paintings are developed from hanga or woodblock prints. The paper is printed using a single uncut block. I then paint over and into the printed field or image using brushes, carbon, graphite, dry pigments. My goal is to record the transparency, fragility and the intricate detail present on these cast off parts and pieces of life. In 2010 I studied Scientific Illustration. This study increased my ability to see and record in much detail. For my new body of work I will continue making portraits of bio-remains. All of life is interconnected. My work seeks to capture the exquisite detail that lays testament to its amazing intricacies.

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