Keller Williams August Artists Ruth Moen and Mary Freiburger

Ruth Moen


Ruth Moen brings to her acrylic folk art the influences of her extensive world travels, passion for innovation and delight in things untamed. Using stripes, splashes, swirls and flourishes of luscious hues, she transforms otherwise simple chairs, bowls and plates so that they appear to have just floated in from an enchanted wonderland. Ruth takes wonderful photos during her travels and transforms them into three dimensional wall sculptures. The photo gets lost in that thin line between reality and fantasies, giving each piece an almost ethereal quality.


Jewelry Artist

Jem’s Jewelry offers classically styled jewelry for women who love jewelry. Mary Freiburger designs unique necklaces and earrings made of sterling silver embellished with European glass and sparkling semiprecious stones. Rings and necklaces styled to resemble bird nests are her customers’ favorite pieces.

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