bin 41 August Artist Charles Moss Jr.

Art Walk and wines from Robert Kacher.

We are super excited to host a truly amazing artist this month, Charles Moss Jr. There are some that dabble in art as a hobby and then there are the few naturally gifted that eat, sleep and think art non-stop. To us, Charles falls into the latter category and we are always inspired by his work. Charles received his BFA in Comprehensive Design from James Madison University. In addition to his studio art practice, he has worked as an architectural designer, art director in film, mural artist and art instructor. He’ll be sharing a new series of paintings developed specifically for this show in which he painted in distinct wet layers. “In those, I saw fish, fleeing in schooling flourishes radiantly, from a still living, but dwindling sea.” Charles grew up in Germany, Japan, Virginia, Morocco, Southern Spain, Alaska, Washington DC and for the past 15 years has resided in Los Angeles and Seattle.

To complement the artwork, we’ll be hosting a wine tasting featuring fun selections from Robert Kacher. After years of self training traveling throughout France and working in retail in Washington DC, Bobby followed his passion and started his own import business. Over twenty years later and numerous accolades, including recently being named one of the 20 most influential wine personalities of the past 20 years by Robert Parker, Bobby continues to bring superb and affordable wines to the US market. Swing by for a rare showing of a new line of work from Charles and taste some wine from 6-9 pm, Thursday, August 11th.

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