Seattle Real Estate Associates August Artists Sheryl Westergreen and Leah Kaufman

Sheryl Westergreen

My work explores geometric form as it applies to architecture, landscape and the human figure. I translate a memory of a place or an experience through the process of abstraction. By observation, contemplation, and repeated layering of paint, the canvas begins to reveal its particular shapes, lines and textures. The paintings are an exploration of color and geometric form as well as an attempt to suggest a feeling or nuance that is not cut off from the psyche and alludes to hidden affinities and elusive qualities.

Westergreen’s work is in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she draws inspiration from her immediate surroundings as well as her experiences as a traveler.

Seattle Art Museum Sales and Rental Gallery in Seattle, Washington represents her work.

Leah Kaufman

I have a deep fascination and love for line and division of space and luckily, endless patience for creating my own.

Whether it is a bridge whose metalwork makes straight lines spin into graceful arcs, telephone lines breaking blue sky into neatly scissored sections, or patterns of windows in fractal-like repetitions, my eyes like nothing better than to follow these lines and the divisions they make in what I see.

When I turn to a piece of paper, the sense of curve and line and division stays with me and drives where my pencil marks or my knife cuts. It is a joy to me to cut into layers of Tyvek® and create rhythm and pattern, to toy with positive and negative space, and discover how to balance the swoop of a curve with the tension of a line.

The ‘Linetown’ paper cuts are based on drawings done with ink and paper;these drawings are also available for sale. I have additional paper cutting pieces based on vines, leaves, and blossoms, and newer Linetown studies with clouds rather than stars. Please let me know if you’d like to see any of my other work or if you’re interested in a seeing a particular motif or design done in a different size or scale.

My website is under construction but you can reach me at and at 206.861.3654.

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