Windermere Real Estate August Artist Blair Breitenstein Presented by Kim Tingley

Kim Tingley, Realtor at Windermere is thrilled to present Blair Breitenstein, this will be her first art walk exhibit! Blair graduated from WSU in 2011, her Bio is presented below.

Blair Breitenstein is a local artist and resident of Mercer Island, Washington. She studied studio art, art history and advertising at Washington State University. After spending time abroad studying art in Florence, Italy and sketching her travels she continues to draw using portable materials such as watercolors, small sketchbooks, and pen. In her body of work, expression and personality shine through her use of simple line and color combinations. She is largely influenced by high fashion photography and illustration, impressionist, and post impressionist painters. Blair is committed to drawing daily and is constantly exploring new mediums and subjects. Her work is eccentric, stylish, spontaneous, and whimsical, much like her own personality. Find out more about Blair and her daily drawings at

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