Nature Consortium October Artist Oleana Perry

Nature Consortium’s October artist is Oleana Perry and the band is Billy and the Bouncers

“Skeletons at the Table” is a collection of recycled wine decor that encourages the viewer to let hard times die and to use that energy to focus on the present. I am a local Dia de los Muertos artist from West Seattle that will be exhibinting my art and will be onsite to talk about my experience. A year ago my mother went through chemotheapy and I had to be present for her 6 month treatment. At that time I had to let all the hardship from my childhood die so that I could be present to support my mom’s recovery. In the car I listened to old hispanic stories about life and death and learned that you needed to have life to have death and death to have life again. I practice this idea in my own life. All of the skeletons in “Skeletons at the Table” are dressed in their best. They are here to have fun and represent all the positive times you have experienced, to bring joy and laughter to your table. Their bony grins create a quiet reminder to let some things die, allowing room for the present.

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