8 Limbs Yoga November Artist Sarah Cochran

Curiosity is one of the main motives behind my creations. Passion and experimentation are what push me to refine and expand my skills. Each piece I create and every method I use is chosen by its ability to let me explore the vast variety of influences that excite me. Whether that inspiration comes from nature, technology, or fantasy.

Creating or capturing a piece is a process I like to be organic, often this is through freehand and free form techniques. I tend to focus more on contrast or color and detailed texture. However, I have a strong desire of portraying the true beauty of the odd and overlooked aspects of nature and imagination with every artistic creation.
I currently reside in West Seattle where I am exploring macro photography, abstract black and white illustrations, and watercolors. I’m hoping to advance my skills and art through the merging of abstract textures, detailed organic lines, and the glow and unpredictability of watercolors. Visit my website for a peek at my vibrant and whimsical Abominably Beautiful Creatures watercolor series and links to much more of my art work.

Sarah Cochran

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