ArtsWest November Show Quotidian Dreams

Woodinville artist, Gary Greene has worked as a professional artist continuously since 1967. While working in varied media from traditional to digital, colored pencil has been his true passion since 1983.  As a pioneer in the use of water-soluble colored pencils in fine art, some of his hyper-realistic paintings may require upwards of 500 hours to complete.  Upon viewing these detailed works, people will often exclaim, “That’s colored pencil?” Gary’s work has garnered national and international awards and is widely collected.

Patri O’Connor is principally a landscape painter who populates her landscapes with people – a solitary figure walking on the beach, two lovers in a garden, a running figure on a cloud-shrouded morning. Her oils on canvas interpret, rather than represent, creating a dreamlike quality. The people in her paintings add a narrative note to the work. Patri is influenced by early memories of travels with her family. From the deserts ofNew Mexico to the jungles of Venezuela, her paintings draw upon diverse landscapes, whether literal or of her own creation. Like a true traveler, Patri says of her method of working, “I show up and the canvas dictates where it wants to go.”

Victoria Raymond creates low-relief sculptures from repurposed materials that include fabrics, plastics, beads, Polyform, cast-off jewelry, yarn and ceramics. Her compositions offer a riot of color and texture combining abstraction and narration. An award-winning, Seattle artist, Victoria is also the author of several children’s books, which are illustrated by her artwork.

Kristen Reitz-Green loves food. She loves to paint larger than life portraits of it, in great detail. The Vashon artist is a graduate of The Julliard School, with a Master of Music degree for French Horn Performance. In 2006, she set down her horn and began a career as a visual artist, creating oils on canvas and panels.  Painting, with all of the luscious yumminess of Wayne Thiebaud’s famous food paintings, Kristen focuses on the minutia – Gummy Bears, a melting ice cream Sunday, a bowl of Fruit Loops, in vivid, mouthwatering color.

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