Seattle Real Estate Associates November Artist Christopher Ramsey

Artist Statement ā€“ Christopher Ramsey
I am a Washington State native from Spokane. I knew I loved to paint when I was a young child and first dipped a brush into a jar of tempera paint. I have not stopped painting since. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art with a BFA, majoring in painting.
I paint landscapes. My subjects are Northwest light, colors, dramatic geography and textures often juxtaposed with the human built environment.
Watercolor has been my media for most of my painting life. I love the immediacy, the wet paint interaction and the colors and values achieved. The paint always does what it wants to do. I push it where I want it to go . . . but of course it does what it wants to do anyway.

Josh Pemberton Artist’s Statement:
The phenomenon of how, through even a few marks of charcoal, an artist can evoke an idea in whoever sees it interests me to no end. In my work I strive to engage the observer in this activity through content, composition, and technique. I have heard it said that the single image is not a very effective way to convey a narrative because it relies on the viewer to bring meaning to it. This suits me just fine. I strive to balance meaning and ambiguity to challenge the viewer to bring their own narrative to my work and hopefully confront and re-evaluate it along the way.

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