Southwest CC November Artist Nichol DeMent

Nichole C. DeMent

I am the product of the hippy drug culture in the early 70’s. The vast amount of drugs and free sex turned out to be a way for a paranoid schizophrenic sex addict/prostitute and a heroine addict/drug dealer with a passionate Peter Pan syndrome to try their hand at the American Dream.  The state of Texas Judicial Courts took me out of this situation shortly after turning two years old due to severe neglect. The early years of a child’s life are fundamentally important.  With early years such as this, my artwork is an epistemological approach to human nature via the figure.  I have an inherent need to explore the nurture/nature supposition; the understanding of self/other is at the center of everything I do. 

Every artwork starts with my studied field of photography, although the transformation of surface to a visceral topography is instinctual to my process.  With diverse influences such as Carravagio, Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois and The Starn Twins, I take risks with paint, wax and other media to activate my psyche and allow the creative subconscious to play, remember and dream.  From the Oracle of Delphi, to Carl Jung’s Shadow, and the many layers of Quantum Physics, I endeavor to surpass a literal (re)presentation of the subject and allow a universal metaphor / language to evolve. 

Nichole DeMent is a photographic-based artist, educator, and curator that co-owns Rock|DeMent visual art space, a studio and gallery in Pioneer Square.  She recently commited to a career as a full time artist that is on the rise. Nichole has taught fine art with a photographic focus at regional institutions such as Pacific Lutheran University and Photographic Center Northwest since 2005. Her personal artwork in traditional photographic mediums and avant-garde mixed media encaustic processes has been awarded, positively reviewed, and can be found in numerous collections throughout the US.  More of her artwork can be viewed at SAM Gallery

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