SSCC Art Gallery presents Lauren Frances Adams

South Seattle Community Art Gallery presents: Bear the Sway, by Lauren Frances Adams

About the artist:

“My work is inspired by topical issues, especially relating to agriculture, labor, the American military, colonialism and capitalism. I achieve this via research into historical decorative forms, appropriating from diverse fields, such French toile and Soviet avant-garde ‘agit-porcelain.’ The relationship of this research and project to my existing bodies of work includes an interest in colonization and its metaphorical and physical implications in North America, specifically, the founding of the United States as a English colony and the effects of this venture in present-day American culture and political ideologies. My assigned task as an artist is to visualize social and political hierarchies, with a goal to disarm the viewer, revealing unexpected associations and collusions. The relationship between the costumes, clothing, and material culture of the Elizabethan colonial era to the political and metaphorical outcomes of capitalism and colonialism provide rich artistic fodder in my practice.” 

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