Windermere presents Linda Bergeron

Kim Tingley is thrilled to present Linda Bergeron as the featured artist in the Windermere Gallery.  In addition in January, Kim would like to bring attention to the importance of volunteering in your community, Volunteer this year, it feels good to do good!
Artist statement:
“My acrylic mixed media canvas paintings are visual translations of my inner thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences.  I believe in taking creative risks with color, texture and reflective materials.  By relying on a fertile faith in not knowing the outcome, I listen for an inner voice that determines direction and speaks finality.  I’m passionate about color and movement and its vivid interplay with personal sentiments. The emotional impact of color and the turbulent nature of life provide me with abundant subject matter.  I love to combine this with multiple perspectives of life and environmental elements in nature.  Hand dyed fibers, broken glass, and other recycled mixed media adorn my compositions to enhance the textural appeal.  Many of my pieces can be hung numerous ways to show various depths of my perceptions.”

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