"Artchix" Group Show at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate Associates presents the work of artists Sheryl Westergreen, Rosanne Olson, Dana Nunnelly, D. Lisa West, Anna Rhodes, Cary Pillo and Leah Kaufman.

Meet the Artchix
How do you find the balance between art and work? Sometimes you can manage on your own but if you surround yourself with fellow artists then you have hands to grab onto if you begin to falter. When Artchix began in 2002 we wanted a group where we could support each other in continually creating new art. So it began – every 4-6 weeks we meet at one of our homes, eat dinner together, and then present the pieces that we’ve complete, something inspired by a theme or topic decided upon at the previous meeting. This is our first group show and we’re delighted to have this wonderful space at Café Lulu for our world premiere.

Check out the link for more info about the artists and venue:

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