"For the Love of Seals" at Windermere

Windermere Realty presents photographer Robin Lindsey, and “For the Love of Seals”: 
Robin has spent the majority of her adult life in darkrooms and darkened studios. However, a “chance” and profound encounter with a harbor seal pup changed her life forever – truly bringing her purpose into focus.
This seal pup led her to a commitment to capture the beauty and mystery of wildlife. Her still and video images of harbors seals and their pups, gray whale birthing lagoons and other wildlife, have been published in magazines, book covers, newspapers, web and broadcast media. Robin’s photos of seal pups are featured in the children’s book Leopard and Silkie (Henry Holt Publishing) with co-author Brenda Peterson, due out in early April.
Robin works closely with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) both as a photographic contributor and as lead investigator of marine mammal strandings in Puget Sound. Her photography has documented the health and lives of the seals on our beaches. Co-founder of the conservation group Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network and writes the group’s “blubberblog”. She is on the board of directors for TerraMar Research and a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association). Robin lives in Seattle, Washington.
Whether an encounter with a whale and her calf or the tiniest baby raccoon, these experiences have reawakened in her a profound respect and quest for understanding our inter-connectedness. There is nothing more powerful than earning the trust of a wild being; and, with that, comes the responsibility to protect them.

One thought on “"For the Love of Seals" at Windermere

  1. The art work at Windermere is amazing. The photos by Robin Lindsey 'For the love of Seals' were quite moving. She beautifully captures the soul and spirit of these mythical creatures.
    I thoroughly enjoyed spending my evening with the lovely folks at West Seattle Winderemere.
    I am so very grateful to Kim for asking Johanna to play Harp for this special night.


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