Shanti Salon presents Papuna Bersenadze

Paintings by Papuna Bersenadze at Shanti Salon & Spa:

“My name is Papuna Bersenadze, I’m from the republic of Georgia. I’ve been living in Seattle area for almost 8 years now, well mostly living here. I’ve graduated from Central Washington university in Ellensburg with a BA in political science, minoring in philosophy. I’ve also studied abroad in Paris for a semester as part of my degree.
Not counting the art classes in second grade, I started painting sometime in the fall of 2008, in Ellensburg. One day I just felt like oil painting, so I went and bought a canvas board thing, box of oil paint, and a couple of brushes. And in a couple of months (since oil paint does take considerable time to dry) my first painting was born… “Paris”. I’ve been painting since…
I think everyone has a natural talent for something, and in life happiness comes from trying to find that something and do it. “we write not because we want to, but because we have to…”~ W. Somerset Maugham, and same applies to my art, every piece started out as an image in my mind trying to come out somehow.
Oil is my favorite medium to work in, but somewhat recently I started using acrylics more and more, because of the drying time mainly… I still love the smell of oil paint, but it’s hard to stand the waiting for weeks for them to dry. Although, the oil paintings have their own special allure somehow, because of the time they take, each one is a bit more significant… each painting changes in the process and by the process, over time.
I’ve seemed to transition from normal canvas painting to painting on surfaces which I find on everyday-life objects: my lap-top, lamp, tennis racket, and a car(partially) was the latest one, why not? I like my paint more than producers’ coloring, acrylics are basically weight-less, and things we use everyday could use some individualization and cheering up to be honest, in this world off mass produced grayness, everything could use some extra character. ” 
– Bersenadze

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