Oil Paintings at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate presents paintings Kimi J. Hansen-Chadwick!

Opening Thursday, Feb 9th 6-9 pm, plus an end-of-show party 12 noon-2:00pm on Saturday, March 3rd.

Artist Statement
Finding beauty in the ordinary, taking inspiration from the everyday, however small and insignificant, these are the challenges I explore in my work. While studying an object’s color, texture, and the way it reflects its surrounding, I strive to capture these mental notes on canvas.
The moments of life captured in mood, movement and light by the impressionists have been a major influence on my creative process. I arrange my subjects with attention to composition, lighting, and reflections. I stray from the impressionists style in my brushwork blending until the painting feels alive.
It is my hope that the viewers  of my work see the beauty in simplicity and that they are encouraged to slow down, and take note of the small things in life. www.kimijhansen.com

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