Paintings & Wine Tasting at bin41

Art Walk Tasting at bin41 6-8:30 pm!
Swing into the bin to meet our February artist, Allison Echanove, and sip on some wines selected from “Cupid’s Corner”. We’ll be featuring some bubbly in addition to white and red wines perfect for sharing with that special someone! 
Allison teaches art to ages 1-8 at Hamlin Robinson School here in Seattle. Her current emphasis is landscape and figure painting in oils. We hope you’ll join us to view Allison’s work and sample some of Cupid’s selections!

Artist Statement:  “Color has always intrigued me.  I celebrate color. It is the fuel that drives me.   I strive for atmospheric harmony in my landscapes by infusing loose, bold brush strokes with vivid broken color.  Simplicity gives a sense of balance against the density of the colors.  A snapshot is all I offer. As a native North Westerner, I am infatuated with the beauty of the Northwest landscapes, especially the Palouse wheat fields.  The intense colors of the Palouse are extreme and captivating. Capturing the every day lives of ordinary people inspire my figure paintings.  Varied brush strokes suggest movement and texture, while spontaneous impressions capture a gesture, and emotion or feeling.  I am a faithful Impressionist.  I want my viewers to delight in an expressive and spontaneous encounter of color and light.”

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