C.J. Swanson at Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Real Estate presents artist C.J. Swanson!

Artist Bio:
C.J. was born in Tacoma WA. She studied at various art schools in Seattle.  C.J.  has shown her work in a variety of venues around the Puget Sound  area since 1988. She lives in Seattle with her husband, artist David N. Goldberg and their son Eli. Together,  C.J. and David paint in a shred studio in SODO.

Artist Statement:
The main thing that interested me in painting these pieces is the use of space. During the process of painting this group of works, I asked myself these sorts of questions; How do the sections interact to each other? How do they transition from one to the next? Then I was able to take a basic form or shape and dismantle it. A new formation was created from a circle combined with a square. I am also interested in the give and take of positive and negative space.  I want to go against the expectations of the viewer. I think I am also concerned with the color palette and the infinite choices and combinations. I want to surprise myself and the viewer by using colors that challenge and stimulate the eye. While I cannot give credit to any one influence, I realize that I am inspired by the beauty I find in all of the applied arts. Of course one cannot deny nature as a profound influence on all of the arts. I especially gravitate toward the organic winding, moving vine and leaf forms. In my work there is a confluence of both man made and organic shapes meeting on the peaceful plane of the flat surface. 

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