Jazz & Art at Nature Consortium

Nature Consortium presents artist Chris Maynard! His work is a must see, one night only.  
Also, check out our Jazz Trio, “Better World”: 7-8pm, featuring Marc Smason on tuba/vocals, Michael Gotz on guitar and Andy Zadrozny on bass. See you there!

Chris Maynard ‘s Artist Statement:

Feathers are my medium.   They are an ultimate achievement of nature, of creation.  I enjoy highlighting aspects of naturally shed* individual feather’s form, pattern or color.  If successful, I convey some intimate sense of the bird that grew the feathers.  
Feathers suggest important universal themes, they also vary how they speak to individuals and cultures.  When I conceive a piece, I think about the birds.  And I ponder feathers: flight, warmth, growth, transformation, protection, pattern, beauty, and form, and I think about life and death.
My skills apply various methods of art, design, and craft.  My favorite tools are the fine eye surgery scissors, forceps, scalpels, and magnifiers inherited from my father.  Feathers are arranged in their original three dimensional forms in shadowboxes.  When I have an idea for a piece, the feathers have to be perfect.  Acquiring and selecting the right feathers takes time; cutting and assembling them does too –and I find it captivating.  Many of the feathers are hard to come by, and some I will only find once–ever.   So each piece is unique.  
All feathers are obtained legally, gently molted from birds in private aviaries.
I am currently pursuing a series of works on feather cutouts, guiding each piece to honor something about the feather and bird that grew it.  www.featherfolio.com

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