Kimber Gates & Tasting at bin 41

Art Walk Tasting & Kimber Gates of Coeur d’Alene (6-8:30 pm): We’ve been working on this tasting for over a year to make it happen during an art walk evening. If you’ve purchased a bottle of Coeur d’Alene wines, you’ve likely noticed the beautiful artwork that graces the labels. The artwork is done by Kimber’s mom, Sarah Gates. This Thursday, not only will you get to meet Kimber and try her super tasting wines, but our walls will be adorned by Sarah’s beautiful paintings. Both Kimber and Sarah Gates will be on hand at the bin for the evening. Please join us for an extra special evening!

Artist statement:
I have been painting for over thirty years and my enthusiasm only grows.
Watercolor is an exciting medium. It’s a challenge to control it but still paint freely enough to reveal its unique characteristics. Painting wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush, and all combinations at the same time often seems like trying to do ten things at once. There are always surprises, some good, some bad. The bad ones go in the trash, and the good ones hopefully have that effortless, “got it right,” spontaneous quality that makes watercolor so special.
I find inspiration everywhere, mostly from experiences in outdoor activities. I paint from photographs, mainly because our North Idaho climate is not conducive to painting “en pleine aire” for half the year.
Artists have a way of disdaining that which they do with little effort, no matter how much other people appreciate it. Although it’s risky, I am always trying to do things differently, which perhaps means I don’t value what comes easily to me. Every new painting is an adventure. The possibilities of expression in watercolor are endless.
Gardening is another art form that I actively pursue. I have designed and care for an acre of garden that includes a large pond, vegetable garden, lilac garden, perennial gardens, and an orchard of 40 trees, grafted to include fifty different kinds of antique apples, and pears, cherries, and plums. On the winery grounds I have designed a wine garden, which includes only burgundy and white flowers, representing red and white wines. Just like wine, a garden is a living experiment that is continually changing with time.

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