Larkin at Leisure Books

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Leisure Books proudly presents artwork by Larkin!
Artist Bio: 
Larkin summons the creatures of land, air and imagination to populate the internal landscape of the mind.  Chimeras, Gorgons, deities, rabbits, and other creatures combine with human elements to inhabit a world of dreams and nightmares.  Personally symbolic and infused with dark whimsy, his creations frighten and delight.

Like a mad scientist he combines joy and sorrow, surreal peculiarity and a love of biology as he explores the relationships between different organic forms and the spectrum of human emotion. 

Larkin works in mixed media, combining drawing and painting with sculptural inclusions, found objects, and fiber.  His paintings in 2-dimensions are complemented by the borders and organic mazes of crocheted fibers worked around or into the surface of each piece. 

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