Jewelry at Shanti Salon & Spa

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Shanti Salon presents jeweler Elisa Jacobs!

Artist Bio:
Elisa started her business in 1987 on Maui, Hawaii, shortly after her daughter Tiffany
was born. Inspired by this miraculous birth and the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, she
set about using some of the finest materials to create her designs.

Her work has sold in some of the most prestigious shows and art galleries from Hawaii,
and nationwide, including Washington, Maine, Florida, Arizona, California, Rhode
Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin and Texas.
Her work has gone international as many of her pieces are used as gifts by her customers
going abroad.

Aspiring to create items of great beauty and affordable quality, thanks to her faithful
customers, she continues to share her talent with many.
Each piece of jewelry has been carefully handcrafted using real
gemstones and freshwater pearls. She designs all the necklaces and
bracelets, then place them on jewelers silk, the same silk used by all
fine jewelry stores. Using silk is a symbol of quality workmanship and
gives the piece gracefulness, and longevity.

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