"Knock On Wood" at Mind Unwind

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Mind Unwind is thrilled to host Nationally collected Artist, Jeffro Uitto. From the tiny town of Tokeland, a very big tool is used to create pieces of art from nature’s leftovers. Combing the Washington Coastline, Jeffro Uitto and his chainsaw are on the lookout for timbers tossed ashore…each piece of wood is a potential canvas to create in his studio, Knock on Wood. This April, 2012, Jeffro will be featured in Issue 12 of Bluecanvas (www.bluecanvas.com) a quarterly art publication that features an international, multi-genre community of artists. To celebrate Jeffro’s feature, Mind Unwind will be exhibiting Jeffro’s wood sculptures along with Marcy Merrill and Justen Jilsson’s unique photography at Mind Unwind Art Gallery in North Admiral Neighborhood of West Seattle. 
To see more about Jeffro and Knock On Wood, visit www.jeffrouitto.com
For information about the photographers, visit www.justenjilssonphotography.com and www.merrillphoto.com 

Winemaker, Kevin Brown will also be sharing tasting notes and doing a wine tasting from Siren Song Wines!

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