Duane Galbreath masks at Studio Djaru

April 12th WSAW, 2012

Omsho Crysalis is proud to host the Mask Styling’s of Studio Djaru & Duane Galbreath.
Omsho Crysalis is a holistic care services group.  Using all of nature at our disposal, we treat everything from arthritic conditions to skin anomalies that have not responded to other therapies using Dead Sea Salts, muds and minerals, Ionic Foot detox therapy and beyond.

Featured Artist: Duane Galbreath

Duane is a published poet and an artist trained in watercolors, pen, ink, and sculpting – his journey has taken him from flower arrangements to, a face maker. “I have been able to help others become someone else by creating masks that bring out the inner beauty of others.  I create wearable art, such as Carnivale and Venetian masks.  They are based upon traditional ideas and then embellished with my own flare with the use of crystals, feathers, and even flowers.  I have also created Pirate masks so that the dastardly deeds can be done with complete anonymity; due this I received the pirate name of Duane the Face Maker”. 

4222 SW Walker St, Seattle 98116. 
A Proud member of the Admiral District Business Association

SPECIAL: 50% off all services scheduled and completed within 2 weeks.

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