D. Lisa West and Margaret Plumley at Seattle Real Estate

April 12th WSAW, 2012
Seattle Real Estate present D.Lisa West and Margaret Plumley!
D.Lisa West is the artist represented on the WSAW postcards and posters this quarter! She generally curates the art at Seattle Real Estate Associates. For this show her art was curated by Gary Faigin.
D.Lisa West’s Artist Statement:

The work I do currently is painting in oil, watercolor and mixed media. My pieces are influenced by words and often contain words and images. I made a series of collage, “love letters” pieces with torn love letters, and had a flighty fascination with birds…resulting in paintings and sketches with bird themes. More recently I have been painting still life and interior images and pushing the lights and darks.

I have studied process painting with Walter McGerry, and painting and drawing with Rita Natarova. I am studying at Gage academy of Art in Seattle, in an atelier with Gary Faigin.

My sister Anita West once told me that we were both good at making art when we were kids, and she continued to practice and I did not. All I needed was to start to practice again. So, I began…to practice again. http://dlisa.com

Margaret Plumley’s Artist Statement:
Margaret studied painting at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  She travels to far-away places like Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Bhutan, trying to capture these places in her ever-present sketchbook. You can follow her travels, and her more pedestrian life, on her sketch blog: http://margplum.blogspot.com/

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