Jason Singler at Alki Bike & Board

May 10th 2012 WSAW

Alki Bike & Board presents Jason Singler!
Artist Bio:
Local Seattle Skateboarder/Artist/Musician Jason Singler practices pointillism on the griptape side of the skateboards that he rides using a verity of different types of paint/ink markers. He goes through a skateboard deck about every two weeks so he’s always working on something new. You can catch him rolling around the northwest’s skateparks with a colorful work in progress under of his feet on a dry day, or in his makeshift music/art studio producing tunes and art pieces that are as unique as his style of skateboarding. Jason is currently working part-time at the Mukilteo YMCA Skatepark, and just took on the role of Northwest Rep and Team Manager of one of his current skateboarding sponsors, Nomadic Skateboards. Be sure to check out his blog at www.jasonsingler.com/blogspot.com to see some of his latest creations!

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