Jonathan Clarren at Seattle Real Estate

May 10th 2012 WSAW

Seattle Real Estate presents Jonathan Clarren!
Artist Bio:

Jonathan Clarren is a Local Seattle Based Artist who  works with a wide range of materials and process’s for his art production. He works with the human figure representing the forms both realistically and abstract in 2d and 3d medias. His work is also based in the realm of conceptualism, where he embraces the collective unconsciousness pooling ideas found in ancient cultural phenomena and present day fundamental cliches found through out the world. Jonathan received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design where he majored in Sculpture through the fine arts department. He has also studied at the Pilchuck School of Glass, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Gage Academy of Fine Art, and the Kamenicky Senov School of Glass in the Czech Republic. 
Currently he works out of his sculpture studio that he recently built at his home after being displaced from the 619 Western Building due to the removal of the viaduct.

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