Karen Danielson at Leisure Books

May 10th 2012 WSAW

Leisure Books presents Karen Danielson!

Artist Bio:

Medium: Mixed media, clay and sculpture, jewelry
“My work is inspired by the natural world and how it lives in us and all around us. Our personal stories, roots and the primal self all tie together in everyday life. I pull from my ethnicity, faith and experiences in life to create pieces with depth and meaning. I use mixed media in all my pieces, whether sculpture, jewelry, collage ect. I use wood, feathers, clay, beads, moss, shells, rocks, material, paint and dyes to create new worlds to explore. Each creation is one of a kind and has its own story. This showing represents the birth of springtime, the place of the in-between where creation is moving out of the dark and into the light…the moment of birth and emergence.”

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