Blown Glass, Paintings, and Goodies at RE/MAX Junction

May 10th 2012 WSAW

RE/MAX presents artists Kenny Ramer and Mary Catherine Lawrence!
Kenny Ramer is a glass artist living and working in Seattle. Predominantly using blown glass, he specializes in functional designs that utilize glass for its most unique characteristics. His current work deals mostly with lighting and he has recently launched a series of bird houses and bird feeders. Kenny has been an active member of the Seattle glass community for over 15 years. His art includes blown glass, sculpted glass, and film.;
Mary Catherine Lawrence is a young, emerging artist.  She has lived on Vashon Island for nine years. In her words:  “I paint because the process leads me to places I wouldn’t normally be able to go, and for the resulting surprise.  I am inspired by literature and by everyday life.  For example, my painting “Alice” refers directly to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.  Painting enables me to see the world at its fullest.  I like to see stories and pictures and examples of ancient mythology in everyday life.  In this way I find myself in the artistic continuum.  Have you ever had a dream, or a fantasy that took you somewhere that only you knew about?  Someplace that goes against all laws of physics?  Somewhere where anything could happen?  These ideas are inspirations for my paintings.”
RE/MAX Junction’s host for this month is Hannah Nerbovig. Hannah is also a colorist and home stager. She will be offering two drawings: One free interior house color consultation using the color palette of a paint brand designed to enhance the light of our Northwest environment, and one free consultation to stage your home using your own furnishings! Each a $300 value! Don’t wait to sell your home to enhance its beauty for someone else. You can enjoy your home right now with optimal color choices, furnishings placement and strategic upgrades that are affordable and easy.
Wine, appetizers, and sweets served!

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