Kristy Dunn at Bakery Nouveau

June 14th 2012 WSAW

Artist Statement:
It really started with my Grandmother, who was an artist. She wasn’t famous and she never sold a painting, but she loved it! She gave them away to anyone who liked them. I thought it was sweet, this little old lady who paints, but it wasn’t ever really something I had considered doing past my high school years.  

She eventually passed away and shortly after I started dreaming of paintings every night. I had all of her brushes and paints and even some canvas’ in my garage so I thought why not. The dreams weren’t stopping and I had the means to paint my dreams. 

I don’t know if painting was a gift she gave me or a way to feel closer to someone I dearly miss, either way it is daily blessing. 

I am a local artist with a true spirit for my community and avid volunteer within local schools as well as an Arts Commissioner for the city of Des Moines.
Bakery Nouveau will be serving free medium drip coffees in store during Art Walk.  

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