West Seattle Cellars June Artist: Tim Marsden

June 14th 2012 WSAW

A Bit of a Hodge Podge Really. New(ish) work by Tim Marsden
Please join us for a showing of new, and almost new, work by our long-time friend, Tim Marsden. “This work explores a few different directions that I hope to delve into further in the coming months. It is nice to see things up on the wall while still somewhat in progress as it gives an indication of the way one’s mind works. Let’s hope it is as entertaining for the viewer as it is helpful to me.” Some of Tim’s art has been permanently on display in our windows, in his wine-themed, ‘stained glass’ panels. Check out Tim’s website to see even more of his work at http://www.etmarsden.com/art.
And of course, Art Walk Thursday is also wine tasting night here in the shop and this week we’re pouring Greek wines. No Retsina in sight–just amazing reds and whites from grapes you have and haven’t heard of. Art and wine–always a winning combination!

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