Marleen K. Wooding at Sparks Chiropractic

June 14th WSAW, 2012

Sparks Chiropractic Health Center presents Marleen K. Wooding!

Marleen K. Wooding Artist’s Statement:                                               
I have been drawing since I was two years old and realized very early that my understanding of any subject matter depended immensely on visual interpretation. I also believe that good art deserves a practical application. 
While working as teacher’s aide and illustrator in the Highline School District, I was able to insert my philosophy in illustrating educational materials for math and science. Some of my contributions I am especially proud of, is creating a Ms. Math Whiz to encourage young girls with their math. I also introduced ethnic recognition into my children’s drawings and introduced children with disabilities while illustrating concepts that the teachers had written for their classrooms and programs.
While working at Boeing in the silk screen department, I became interested in desktop publishing, and wrote, contributed and published a company newsletter for our division.
Throughout my working years, I have applied my love of the visual arts to enhance my environment at work and home. My last ten years has been employed in interior design. I love creating comfortable and cozy living spaces. As a result, I have become proficient in fabricating custom table top design, window dressings, decorative pillows and bedding. This skill has also spilled over into fashion art as I spent time at Union Bay and Nautica sketching for their designers.
I use my vision to enhance everything I do. Recently, I have begun creating designs for fabric. This has been my inspiration for my recent works and again, another practical application for my artwork.

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