Chance Williams at Atomic Boys

July 12th WSAW, Summer Fest Eve 2012

Atomic Boys introduce Chance Williams!

Artist statement:
“My name is Chance Williams; I am a 15 year old artist from Seattle.  I started drawing a year ago, one day I started doodling and it became a habit. I love art and I have always had a passion for it. I mainly use marker and ink but I also make photo collages from National Geographic magazines.

I love drawing because it puts my mind in a certain focus where I don’t have to worry about any real life situations; all I think about is lines on paper.  I do mainly abstract/pattern work but I do illustration/cartoons as well. My favorite colors to work with are ones that are unordinary and not seen often soothing colors not too saturated.

I usually begin a decent piece with just a small doodle in the middle of the paper. Then I gradually increase the doodle all around until the whole page is filled. Or if I don’t want to fill the page I will stop as so.

My favorite artist/inspiration would be MC Escher. I loved MC Escher since I was a small child. My parents had a book filled with all of his work and I would always be fascinated by the patterns and the colors. I hope one day I can be as big as MC Escher was.“

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