Spira Power Yoga presents Katalin Radics

July 12th WSAW, Summer Fest Eve 2012

Spira Power Yoga presents artist Katalin Radics!
Artist Statement:
“On a sunny November afternoon in 2006, we had coffee in the campus cafeteria of UCLA. My friend started talking about the drawing class she took at the Los Angeles County Museum, and turned to me: would you want to join me? I did. This was the beginning of a new passion I developed. I took a number of drawing and painting classes since then, first in LACMA and later as part of the arts program of the Los Angeles Valley College; one class at a time, since I have had a full time job at the Research Library of UCLA.

I bring a series of cultures into my artistic works. I was born in Hungary and spent more than four decades of my life there. Bartók, Liszt, Vasarely, Moholy-Nagy, Pál Erdős, the Rubik cube, George Cukor – this is the first layer of my culture. I was fortunate to spend enough time in France, Austria, Italy, and Germany and study their culture. I experienced the best of European culture and feel as mine. My husband and I made a wild but wonderful decision to move into the US in 1990 together with our daughter, Dora. We immersed ourselves in American culture and found it fascinating.

I am a linguist by training, have a PhD in linguistics, and did research in this field. Retrained myself to become a bibliographer at the Research Library of UCLA. Drawing and painting became my hobby, escape, and pleasure. Painting is a successful and tasteful integration of colors and shapes. I don’t try to follow trends; paint abstract, figurative, collage – whatever I find appropriate to the topic I want to express.”

Spira Power Yoga will be providing fresh fruit and chocolate tasters! Also new customers to Spira are welcome to take their first yoga class for free. They can also buy a 5 class pass for 50% off – New student special 5 classes for 30 dollars!

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