"Sexy Species" at Nature Consortium

July 12th WSAW, Summer Fest Eve 2012
Nature Consortium presents Ryan Applegate, Sexy Species!

Inspired by a fascination with the unfamiliar and the environment, these pieces reflect my passion for (or obsession with) detail and realism.   Sexy Species focuses on keystone and flagship species.  I want to explore relationships and develop an untold story.  There’s a connection, beyond “animals”, that characterizes the works.  It’s about ecosystems, conservation and awareness.

Save The Date: Nature Consortium invites you to our Handmade Beer and Film Festival at Gasworks Park July 27th 8pm, stop by and hear the details plus volunteer opportunities. The July Art Walk is very special we are hosting all staff work, Graphic Designer Ryan Applegate will be showing his impressive paintings and Grant Manger Stacey Sowers will have her illustrations for her new children’s book.  The Rabbit Strew String band will play from 7-8pm, so if you are looking for great art and toe tapping goodness we got it covered!

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