"Summer Lovin" at Twilight Artist Collective

July 12th WSAW, Summer Fest Eve 2012

Summer Lovin' is a group show inspired by the life and work of John Travolta! 
"John Travolta's career as an actor and a figure in popular culture is rich with colorful characters as well as an equally colorful personal history. His popularity has spanned several generations conjuring different images to almost all of those generations. How old you are has an almost direct link to the movies, characters and personal history that you impulsively think of when you think of this man. With this show I was hoping to pay homage to the impressive reach that is the life and work of John Travolta." - Curator, Cheryl Robinson 

Featured Artists:  Karl Addison, Joseph Brooks, Lyndsay Brown, Mike Capp, Gavin Carrol, Marty Gordon, Annie Huntley, Kim McCarthy, Lou Pimentel, Sensei23 and Solace Wonder.

Opening Party: Thursday, July 12th, 6-9pm during West Seattle Art Walk
Show Closes: Friday, August 3rd

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